The mission of Fremont Council PTA is to promote the welfare of all children and families in the Fremont Unified School District in cooperation with the National PTA, the California State PTA, and Peralta District PTA.

The goal for 2017-2018 is to develop membership planning strategies by working with the Fremont Unified School District and State of California.

Council Meetings

Council Meetings are held at the F.U.S.D. offices at 4210 Technology Drive in the staff room on the second floor at 7:00pm on the second Monday of each month unless otherwise noted on the CALENDAR.   Calendar takes into account holidays, vacations, and the end of the school year.


For the full calendar, see the Calendar page.          

Upcoming Events & Due Dates



When & Where



Nov 14

Submit Reflections Artwork at Irvington High School, Room 2

Nov 15


Every PTA must file three (3) tax forms by November 15 each year;  for more information see

• IRS Forms 990EZ or 990 due to the IRS for PTAs grossing over $50,000 the previous fiscal year. IRS Form 990-N must be filed electronically by PTAs grossing under $50,000 the previous fiscal year.

• FTB Form 199 due to the FTB (State of California) for PTAs grossing over $50,000 the previous fiscal year. FTB Form 199-N must be filed electronically be PTAs grossing under $50,000 the previous fiscal year.

• Attorney General form RRF-1 due to Attorney General's office.

First required remittance of membership dues (per caps); Every PTA must remit 15 members to remain a "unit in good standing". 
(Use Peralta District PTA REMIT FORM if you are an out of council unit; remit to your council if you are in a council)

Nov 30

Insurance Premiums due to remain a "unit in good standing" and retain PTA charter.  Insurance Late Fee of $25 applies to Insurance Premiums not received to date.

Worker's Compensation Annual Payroll Report due for those who made no payments to independent contractors.


Dec 9

FCPTA Reflections Award Ceremony - American High School (Rotunda & Theater 70)

Dec 11

Council Association Meeting 7pm - 8pm (FUSD / PDC)

Council Executive Board Meeting 8pm - 8:30pm (FUSD / PDC) 



Jan 5

Worker's Compensation Annual Payroll Report  and any required Insurance surcharges due to Peralta District PTA.

Jan 8

Council Executive Board Meeting 7pm - 8pm (FUSD / Staff Room)

Jan 22-23

California State PTA Legislation Conference in Sacramento
Feb 12 Council Executive Board Meeting 7pm - 8pm (FUSD / Staff Room)
Mar 12

Council Association Meeting 7pm - 8pm (FUSD / Staff Room)

Council Executive Board Meeting 8pm - 8:30pm (FUSD / Staff Room)

Mar 16  Mid-Year Audits
Mar 19  FCPTA Founder's Day (Location & time - TBD)
Apr 9 Council Executive Board Meeting 7pm - 8pm (FUSD / Staff Room)
Apr 27-29  California State PTA Annual Convention - Ontario (Registration begins on March 1)
May 14

Council Association Meeting 7pm - 8pm (FUSD / PDC)

Council Executive Board Meeting 8pm - 8:30pm (FUSD / PDC) 

Jun 11  Council Executive Board meeting 7pm - 8pm (FUSD / Staff Room)
Jun 15

Last day for Peralta District PTA to receive "per capita" to be counted for this year.

July 4 Fremont July 4th Parade

For a full listing of events and deadlines, please consult the calendar.

Although not a PTA deadline, TAX FORMS ARE DUE NOVEMBER 15th for any PTA with a fiscal year that ends on June 30 (which is all of the PTAs in Peralta District PTAs). The IRS does send penalty letters to those not filing. Please contact Peralta District immediately upon receiving such correspondence from the IRS and provide a copy of the communication to financiareports [at]  For more information on who must file, see Tax Information 

2017-2019 Officers

For phone numbers, please consult the physical copy of the Council Directory.

Officer Name Email
President Ivy Wu president [at]
Secretary Anita Vaidun secretary [at]
Treasurer Vasudha Bose treasurer [at]
Financial Secretary Geetha Chandvasekav financials [at]
Executive VP Liz Fischer execvp [at]
1st VP of Programs Anuradha Zindal firstvp [at]
Parliamentarian Kathryn McDonald parliamentarian [at] 
Auditor Leslie Gupta auditor [at]
Historian Chitra Arunachalam historian [at]
Awards & Installation   Open  
Communications Open communications [at] 
Founder's Day  Sherea Westra  
Health and Safety Open healthandsafety [at]
Hospitality Open hospitality [at]
Legislation/Advocacy Dianne Jones advocacy [at]
Liaison to Robertson HS Aimee Hubacek robertsonliaison [at]
Membership Jane Dhilpe membership [at]
Reflections Michelle Hertel reflections [at]
Special Education Laurie Meyer specialeducation [at]
Website Coordinators Nancy Mitchell
Jenny Mitchell
webmaster [at]